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Encroachment, Encroachment, Encroachment from Askari Park to Liaquatabad Dakhana, lots of Garbage on that beautifully constructed road.

Charpais of Hotels and Garbage from house owners on road. No lights on Bridge near nishtar basti.

CDGK is required to tighten the traffic situatio...

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No Signals

i have been a loyal user of warid since it first came. they increased rates n i accepted but now the service is so poor. there are never any signals in my area and the call gets disconnected after every few seconds. i didnt expect this from warid and i m really disappointed in their current statu...

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I think Bolta Consumer shou;dnt be only for complaints...if any ne has to register gd experiences...they should be shared tooo.

in the lieu of this,,, I would like to share my experience of a PSO Prepaid Card... it is a pre-loaded and pre-activated card which is available at PSO Stations.....

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No traffic signal

Would anyone believe that there is no TRAFFIC SIGNAL at the Liaquatabad No. 10 crossing! HELP...

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Sha Posh Clothing

Bad Customer service

the workers at sha posh a re extremely rude stare at ladies from head to toe, laugh at you after whispering in each others ears, not ready to provide services.... and very bad lingual manners... i stopped shopping from any sha posh franchise... they are pathetic.

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Need for traffic signals

Letter No. 29

April 17, 2009


The traffic signal is the basis need due to high volume of traffic specially in evening and night when the majority of traffic flow passes through BRITTO ROAD,...

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inappropriate advertisement

A normal middle class family can no longer watch the advertisements run on TV now, some of which are quite vulgar or suggestive. While PEMRA is quick to ban foreign channels and impose restrictions from govt, it should take notice of the quality of ads being shown on TV also. There should be some...

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NAFA Funds

Not paying salary

April 13, 2009


Sub complain for not paying my 9 days March – 09 salary by NAFA FUND (DHA BRANCH) as I worked INVESTMENT CONSULANT due to punishment

Dear Sir

Due to NOT match and developed understanding...

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An unknown no=03137705112 is teasing by sending mesgs day and night,
I dont known who/where is this person.PLZ.WARNS that person,check data
of last 4 days,otherwise, BLOCKED his sim. THANKS


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Net was down

Net stopped working on my connection. I checked its device and it was not getting signals properly.

After talking and lodging a complaint quite a few times they took about 16 hours to fix this issue.

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Ufone deducts more amount on sharing

I have been using Ufone from the last few years. Beside a very pathetic helpline the issue which I am going to post here is regarding their u share (when one person sends amount from his account to another).

When we put some balance in our account ufone deducts tax from our balance. This i...

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TV Cable Operators


If we want to save our future generation from all bad habits, the entire English Channels should be stopped immediately. It is a very very slow poison and will react after a decade or long. May Allah give all of us courage to fight against it.

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Karachi Stock Exchange


Their are only few persons in KSE, who are speculating the entire KSE business. In my own view they have very close relations with our government's officials of highest rank, whenever they want to earn, they devise policies for their personal benefit. Why our innocent people do not understand it....

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Black Tinted glass

Government had announced in the past that black wind mirrors are totally prohibited. But the entire action has been taken against innocent users, who put off the same, but the question arises, if this law still exists??????????? if yes, how come, cars like PRADO, PAJERO, etc.etc. are moving witho...

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Pressure Horn

Use of pressure horns in our city is increasing day by, it creates a great amount of noise pollution. It should be banned immediately.

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KESC Complaint Centre

We used to have a complaint center of KESC at Metroville SITE. Now they have shifted that to Habib Bank SITE. So to file a complaint against a fault (no no not load shedding), one have to go by bus and file a complaint at their office. So now their complaint center at Habib Bank is serving for ma...

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Blocks Internet

I am using Wateen from over an year now. The service has been quite good except for a few times only.

I am also using their telephony service. Recently, the amount in Wateen account got zero which I didn't check and some one at home tried to call from the phone. After that, when I tried t...

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Misleading advertisement

Ufone ads constantly and loudly announce that its the cheapest call in the world without any proof or comparative figures. Like other deceptive advertisement from the telecom companies, I suspect the cheapest call in the world to be a false claim. With phone calls being routed over VOIP (voice ov...

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Attack on Majlis Aza

Letter No. 27

April 05, 2009

CHAKWAL SUCIDE attacked claimed 25 innocents Live’s as a punishment to SHIA sect

I strongly condemn, dis-appoint and feel hurt to read the news in PRINT MEDIA that DURING Majlis Aza on Sunday ( April 5, 2009) more than 1500 peoples gathered at C...

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mobilink infinity

unreliable connection, poort customer support

i dont understand why mobilink infinity customer support takes so long to answer. i eagerly waited for the launch of their wireless broadband service but it sucks big time. very unreliable and the worst part is their customer support. you almost always have to wait for a long time.

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