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Samana Builders

Construction of flat still not completed

I booked a flat in feb 2008 with Samana builder & Apartment at location Manzor Colony. I paid 33% but there construction only 10%, They are also force me to give advance money. They committed they will complete the construction and deliver the apartment in 2009 years. After the passing of mor...

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Stupid Minimum Buying Limit restriction

Since January MAKRO has implemented a rule that you can't buy stuff worth less than Rs.500. This is ridiculous, even in the first place. Pushing people to buy more.
Once in my shopping list I had some hosiery items and some bakery products. Had they had the required size available it have m...

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United Mobile & Nokia

7310 supernova battery problem

I have recently purchased a handset Nokia 7310 Supernova from a local franchise of United Mobile. The problem is that my battery life is just some hours although Nokia claims it to be 300 talk time. But in standby mode it cant go more than 4-6 hrs. The company says there is no warranty for the ba...

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few days back i purchase laptop of $250 i send the money to the company and about 20 days after the payment got u.s.b. drives of worth $10 then i approach the company they said this is our fault we send you again please give us money again but now i said send me goods i will send your u.s.b. bac...

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Khas Care Dry Cleaners, Karim Block Iqbal Town LHR

oppertunist company

Just because they came to know that i have come from abroad, they heavily over charged me, and even destroyed my Zara Man sport jacket which was worth $200!

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KESC Wire Stolen

In our street, some one has stolen the KESC cable from the main street power line. We filed a complaint against that in KESC complaint center, they said that as soon as we have wire available from our main store, we will fix it.

After a few days, when they didn't show up for fixing it up, ...

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Metro and Makro

Metro and Metro must be banned

I wanted to aware all of the customers that Metro is seriously involved in human rights violation. No mother is allowed to bring her child under 10 with her in the store. This is a serious issue and it is totally against human rights. Metro is from Germany and in Germany all Metro stores (Kaufhof...

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nido everyday BRANDS


When we started using these products from Nestle the price was Rs 130, and 140 some three years back. They are increasing prices so fast. Do they ve any justification for poor consumers I am sure their sales will be declining

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shopping bags for sale

I ought electronics worth Rs11000 from Makro Star Gate, in Feb end, when I asked for shopping bag, they told that I had to pay for shopping bag (Rs3 for small bag). I registered a complain in their register and asked their official to justify it. its never ever in any part of world i ve been to m...

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Unauthorized issuance on my SIM

I was a telenor consumer some time ago, one day my SIM stopped working and my phone started showing, ‘Invalid SIM Card, SIM registration failed’ I visited a franchise service center they asked me to visit Company owned SC center, so I visited University Road (Karachi) Telenor SC, they told me...

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National savings

Poor Customer Service

I bought some Defense Saving Certificates from National Savings, Temple Road Branch some 10 years back. One certoficate was stolen by the domestic help. I reported to the then branch manager and he told me that my complaint has been registered and gave me a complaint number. Now when my DSCs are ...

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Very Poor Service

Service Provided by Telenor is very bad and everytime thier network remains busy.

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Warid Telecom.

Call Divert Limitations

I wanted to divert my incoming calls on Warid Postpaid connection to my Mobilink Postpaid connection, and when I called up the Customer Service people they said that You can only divert ur calls to a Warid Network. What I dont understand is that I am going to pay the Warid Telecom on the call for...

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warid telecom

worst service

i visit them at there ,head office 2 times,to change my post paid connection to prepaid but they fucked people said come againg pls
so dont use warid service .
and they singals are like k.e.s.c ,kabhi hai tu kabhi gayub.

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Wateen Wi-Max

Billing Fraud

I have been using wateen wimax internet for over a year now and they have done nothing but steal money from me every month. Initially I paid them 6000 and gave them 12 months worth of cheques (Rs. 1350 each) for a postpaid connection that promised me net usage and a telephone line for that amount...

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family parks

no place for boys...

salam my name is hassam yar tell me any place where without family boys are allowed.....m boared in karachi yar

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Stupid / Corrupt billing system

I used to pay my telephone / KESC bills through MCB online service using my account. It has been working well since over a year! Last month KESC/MCB got some internal issues and none of my paid bills reached the concerned companies. Instead of just having a glimpse over past whole years...

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they are cheaters,

friends Banks are made to help assist the grouth, they are bound by the State government to provide the finencial facility to public as gov cant provide that alone, but as i have com across i have found that around the world interest rated have colapsed but in our beloved pakistan they are just y...

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HBL Credit Card

lieing about the interest rate!

Dear Friends,

i am not a frequent user of credit cards i have in my life kept my life simple and calm but i had an emmergency when i had to use my HBLcredit card for 8100Rs on 31st march, next day called upon hbl costumer service they told me that your statement will be made on 21st april,...

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