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Low Voltage and Excessive Outage

I am a resident of village Teri, Distt. Karak. At our village, WAPDA is not able to provide efficient service. After every hour, we see the power outage for an hour or more. In a day, it makes up to about 12-14hours of power outage.

When we don't have power outage, the voltage is so low t...

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Up / Down Voltage

We are facing the problem of up / down voltage 100 to 400 since 12th May 2009 toward which is extremely dangerous for our electrical and electronic equipments. We also point out that we have been loss of various equipments fans, UPS & energy severs etc. due to voltage fluctuation but KESC com...

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Telephone Lines

Attn:03 LAdnline Numbers Problems

sir i have this problem since 4 to 5 days.i already coomplaint to PTCL but always they said wait for 24 hours but now it is too also i complaint and they said again wait for 24 can u take immediate action to solve our problem.the numbers are given below:

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Modem disconnects

Im using worldcall cable internet for more than a year now. Every time there is a power failure, the worldcall modem goes out of sync. I use a UPS so that in case of power failure i still am able to use my pc for some time. But worldcall is so pathetically unreliable that it disconnects the momen...

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Power Failure

For the last 4 days we did not sleep well due to frequent power supply between 12 am to 7 am interesting point is that when the clock tick 7 am light restored. When ever I called 118 they told me that technical or cable fault. I don't understand but why the electricity restored after 7 am.

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MCB Wah Cantt Branch

ATM pb

Whenever, i use my ATM Card, most of the time either machine don't work or don't give transaction receipt. Moreover, nobody bothers to listen or improve the state of affairs

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GT - Calling Cards


Today I used GT card to call UAE. Automatic voice told me that you have call 5 min in 50 Rs card but my card ended after only 2.5 min call.
When I called to their customer services, the person with dry attitude attended my phone. I was amazed to know when He told that we deduct tax on minut...

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Non-Hilal Ingrediants

Lays contains the content E631, which is extracted from pig fat,
say no to LAYS, i think the govt should penalize such companies as well.

text from wikipediaa:

Disodium inosinate (E631), chemical formula C10H11N2Na2O8P, is the disodium salt of inosinic acid. It is a food addit...

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Providing Best Biryani Spices!

Knorr is the best in recent spices introduced for Pakistani market especially Biryani masala.It is only Rs.30 and very very easy to cook. I think best value of money with best taste is Knorr's Biryani masala.

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High Price, Low Quality

I have visited both Makro and Metro whole sale centers. One very important thing which i noticed at Metro (Thokar Niaz Baig Lahore) was that they were supplying some very sub standard and low quality food items at very high price. For example Button Mushrooms were rotten and there were no tag me...

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Which is the best broadband service?

This is not a complaint. I have been using MaxCom and am pretty satisfied with their service. However, the company's charging me Rs1200 for a 512 kbps service. I have been told that PTCL provides double the speed at the same price. But I am generally wary of PTCL - we all know they overcharge for...

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Load shedding

My sister is saying that bhaiyaa add on behalf of me that she wants to beat the KESC people with steel scale, (She's 9 by the way). The KESC authorities can judge from this comment that how badly the children of that age group is affected by your worsening service.

Currently in Nrth Nazima...

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Meezan Bank

ATM Problems

I am an unlucky and unsatisfied customer of Meezan Bank. The bank's ATM service is the worst aspect of its service, as instead of convenience, it always is a headache. In need, it often displays 'Issuer link Down' message when money is required and recently, I was further inconvenienced when I tr...

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Zong customers in Turbat are not yet provided with the necessary GPRS(internet) services. And i have been listening these words for more than a year when i call customer services centre "We will soon start GPRS services in Turbat"

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Askari Bank

Customer Service

Dear Sir,
I have recently opened an account with Askari Bank Gulberg Branch lahore. I have following concerns:

1. There should be one window operation. I had to go to multiple windows and had to wait for the conerned officer hence it took one and half hour to process this.

2. ...

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bad condition of paly giround

The football ground (Rafiq Mushtaq Shaheed Memorial Football club) that is placed in staff town of Karachi University having no lights and also bad condition of ground. Mostly the people are student and employer that is why they playing after all activity for refreshment. Due to bad condition of ...

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Wangling of words

PTA should stop the cellular companies to fraud the consumers with their words. They should show the prices inclusive of taxes. There are lot of price differences after tax deduction. For example, ZONG is offering unlimited GPRS in just 400 Rs. I estimated that after tax deduction on card loading...

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Poor dialup speed

PTCL is giving poor dialup speeds. You can imagine the downloading speed that If it's downloading speed increases than 2kb/sec then we take it as a very satisfactory speed.
What PTCL thinks it's providing to it's customers.
I request PTCL administration to please take it into consider...

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Poor Customer Service

I visited Telenot...oh, sorry telenor customer service centre main boulevard gulberg lahore a couple of days ago. There are eight(8) counters for customer service but only two Representative were there and about 30 customers were sitting there in pethatic condition. I had to wait for 26 minutes t...

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Warid Telecom

Warid fraud

Hi, I know the newspapers have not advertised this story but Pro pakistani has really commited to providing the right stories at the right time. Want everyone that is using Warid connections to throw them away. They dont give a shit about their customers, its all vullshit. Last year the Marketing...

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