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No service

its was never less than a joke for what mobilink advertise and and embarsment infront of my friends that i always use defend infront of my friends by saying mobilink is the best network of pakistan and it covers the area more than any ntwork in pakistan as they say "poora signal, poora pakistan",...

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JS Bank

Begging for Deposits

Few days earlier some body has contacted me to open an account at JS Bank as the guy who was contacting me will be fired if he will not be able to open at least 10 accounts in a month. as per his request i have made a mistake of oppening my own account. I was shocked that after 2 days they have m...

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Returning security for postpaid connection

Me and my wife had ufone postpay connections. We both were unable to control our expense, and did not understand the pricing, so we decided to convert to prepay account. We both had to wait for months to return the paltry sum of Rs 1500.

though we had deposited this amount, and requested ...

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Balance Deduction

I'm using Ufone prepay service for the last three years.But for about last nine months my balance is daily deducted for about one and a half repees(Rs1.50) without any reason,i cant understand why?As Ufone claims no hidden charges, then why this so?

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Zong Mobile Number; 03133565072

Abusive Massages recived me to above mobile number

Dear sir,
I have revied absive massages to mobile number 03133565072, on my mobile number 03337261550, so I request you please bloked above number as soon as possible

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Virtual University

Paper Postponed

I am a student of VU. Last Thursday I had a paper at 10AM in the morning when the situation was not good in Karachi. As every one knows that the situation was tense from a day and due to which the Sindh Govt. decided to postpone the intermediate papers and such.

But VU didn't issue any su...

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Govt authorties

over charging at airports & railway stations

it is a general observation and my personal experiense that the tuck shops charged more then 70%.and nobody take any action.
i am sure there is no rit of govt at these places.i dont think that is there is any department who will check them.if yes then what is their performence.
why th...

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Milk Pak / Pepsi / Coca Cola

Ingredients? Whats inside?

I would like to ask Milk Pak / Pepsi and Coca Cola to mention the calories on their packing. Also I would like to know how much calcium is there in a 250ml pack of Milk Pak. There is no notification.

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Bad cellular company in pakistan

I have been using warid prepaid services since july 2006, this is in best of my knowledge that warid is one of 3rd class services provider i ever used in my life, high call rates, low pakages, less connectivity and much more. I must suggest singtel company not to buy more shares and let that comp...

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No bill as yet,

I reactivated my post-paid Mobilink Indigo number after 3 years,anticipating that Mobilink would have improved a lot meanwhile. I reactivated it from Nursery office of Mobilink in end February 2009, and advised for sending my monthly bill via E mail instead of courier services(because of the cour...

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Poor service for such an expesive service

I sent a 6kg package to the US via UPS in Karachi. I was led to beleive the following: that the package would touchdown in the US within 48 hours (which it did) and that I would need to give another day for customs to clear the package, as gifts are not such a big deal to customs, and that my pa...

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Pepsi International

Crazy advertising campaign

I would like to draw your attention to the advertisement campaign of "Mountain Dew". Its really crazy and may have very bad impact on young kids. Being a father of two kids I feel really concerned and ensure to change the channel when these "Dew" ads are shown where one can see crazy boys doing a...

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No cable connection yet

I ordered worldcall cable connection on the 9th of April. This was due to their consistent door to door advertizing. Their reps would come to my door everyday in Defense and plead to have their excellent cable service installed. Well after due thought I did just that. They were very prompt and ca...

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WALLS cornetto chocolate ice cream Rs 40

Non availabilty

Cornetto ice cream priced at Rs 40 is not available in market for last one week. Retailers say that the company doesnot have supplies since a week. When Unilever does not have capacity in its plant to cater needs of consumer why they bring a product and advertise. When consumer start liking it, c...

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All Mobile companies

What we are getting

I got load of Rs 50 from Tariq Road commercial area, Retailer charged Rs 1 for load less than Rs 100, then 15% total taxes. I got only 41 in my account. Is it fair for consumer who is victimized by every company in Pakistan. All cellular companies are earning lot, can not these companies afford a...

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every thing.

Mobilink is a huge company worth more than $2 billion. It started of really small. They have earned all their money from here from Pakistan. Since past 2 months when i am talking after few mins i start getting my voice back (not every time atleast 3-4 times a day). I hate it and then i have to ca...

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Cold Drinks

Hazardous Cold Drinks

I live in Jaranwala which is near Faisalabad, Punjab, Pakistan. In our area and the villages around jaranwala, One can never found any Cold Drink(pepsi, coke etc) which is filled and delivered from the original Producer. In every street there are private beverages which use to play with consumer'...

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Mobilink Jazz

Charging for helpline service n failed package changes

I ve been a loyal cusumer of mobilink pre paid from begining,i m dissatisfied with their charging of using helpline 111 service.secondly if u change packages they r never done in first go while the amount is deducted straight away whether the effort was succesful or not. thirdly i m dissatisfied ...

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Warid Telecom

End user tax .

I have been using Warid since february 2007 and have had some complaints with them over teh years, but for most part, i am satisfied with their postpaid services.

I do have a question though.
Govt. of pakistan has put a tax on Warid Telecom because they are a big organization and ear...

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Standard Chartered Bank

Poor Customer Policy, False Information

I am a credit card use (Both Visa and Master) from Standard Chartered Bank (SCB). A few weeks ago I recieved a phone call from customers rep offering a PIA Co- brand card. He informed me that if I agree to switch my curreny package/ plan to this new offer, I shall be getting additional points as ...

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