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mobilink infinity

unreliable connection, poort customer support

i dont understand why mobilink infinity customer support takes so long to answer. i eagerly waited for the launch of their wireless broadband service but it sucks big time. very unreliable and the worst part is their customer support. you almost always have to wait for a long time.

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TV license fee

I have no idea why PTCL charges the TV license fees in its monthly phone bills. We do not even watch state-owned TVs, and majority of the people have got cable subscription, then what do we pay PTCL for?"

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Karachi Water and Sewearge Board

Water and Sewerage line

The sewerage and water between the house lane no 74 and 75 Block 2 PECHS are quite old. Niwadays it happens that when the sewerage line is blicked the sewerage water seaps and mixes in the water pipeline. it is creating menace for the households.

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Flight delays

I recently booked a ticket to fly from Karachi to Lahore in Air blue flight ED 402 which was scheduled to take off at 8 in the morning. I reached air port on time but had to wait for several hours. the airblue counter didnt tell us any valid reason and just said due to technical difficulties the ...

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Load shedding / improper voltage

It is not too far when the residents of Jehangir Road will take serious note on the issue of improper voltage supply by the KESC. Load shedding is not the only problem but improper voltage has doubled the problem. May Allah give Hidayat to our government for taking positive steps to resolve elect...

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City Government

Dangerous traffic around Karachi University

Everyone knows there are busy streets around Karachi University which handle heavy traffic 24 hrs a day. All students come to the Karachi university through these roads. It is worrisome that there is usually very little or no traffic police present in that area. Moreoever, there aren't enough spe...

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mobilink infinity slow browsing

Mobilink infinity wireless connection is very unreliable for browsing in karachi. File downloading works alright but browsing is slow and their customer support is not very helpful.

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if this is the way to settle your issue with a long march, then every one from us will follow the same way to get the solution. This is not the right way to handle any issue, by doing this government has set up a rule for protest, we should all condemn this............ what is going to happen.......

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Smoking in public

Majority of the restaurants do not forbid their customers to smoke (though it's illegal in public) nor have separate closed compartments for smoking. Now I'm allergic to smoke and gets a bad cough, even on requesting the staff to ask the other customers not to smoke I've never gotten a positive r...

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Pizza Hut

Rip off!

Once my uncle decided to send us a pizza home. He stopped on his way (to a pizza hut outlet) and ordered us a pizza (and paid for it!!). the guy who delivered the pizza gave us a bill and we paid for it *again* not knowing that my uncle had already paid. That night when we found out we had actual...

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Supplementary Card Verification Process

While applying for a credit card, the cumbersome verification process is one of the biggest fears that one has to overcome. For the primary card it makes sense uptill a certain extent even thought that too gets unrealistic at some times. The instance that i recently came acrss and fell victiim t...

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Standard Chartered Bank

Refused to encash bonds

I had some bonds that I needed to convert to cash. I went to the standard chartered bank branch in Hyderi. The lady at the customer counter told me that they do not have enough cash to convert the bonds today. They only have cash for the customers who want to have transactions from bank accounts....

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rip off on blackberry sets

The blackberry service is nice for business people. However, the handsets are so expensive and apparently the prices keep increasing every few months. Like curve was available for Rs. 21,000 last year and this year it has reached Rs. 29,000 - while the upgraded model (from 8310 to 8320) does not ...

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Driving License Office Karachi

hassles in getting driving license

When I first went to Driving License office, for the sake of made my motor bike learning license permanent. They drilled me by making unnecessary rounds of different rooms for different forms attestations. At last at the end of working timings of that day they told me to bring traffic signals sig...

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Peace Creative Works


KESC Should be Called (Karachi Electric Supply Crices)

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bad management

I don't understand that if the water level is so dangerously low, then why does the govt stop loadshedding altogether for a couple of months and then start doing it for 6-12 hrs. This is pathetic. Even if they do not have the necessary skills and resources to produce more electricity, the least t...

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DHA Streets

Roads are unbuilt from 6 six months

I made a complain in dha office to build our office area road as early as possible.thats DHA Phase 7 Seher Commercial.They said that sewerage problem in the area is on working process.Make complain to clifton cantonment board for sewerage problem.We ourself made the sewerage problem solved by pa...

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Indus Motors

Poor Quality of Vehicles

I have purchsaed two Daihatsu Cuore vehicles, both vehicles have some defects in term of brakesand body noises

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Poor Service and Chaos

After opening of MAKRO stargate branch, I tried to reduce frequent shopping visits to Naheed. but my overall experience was not satisfactory, in spite of such a giant investment, I can not compare it with Naheed Super Market. Naheed is so organized, items are placed at its best possible location,...

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poor customer service - unable to update address

It's been 2.5 years that I've been requesting Mobilink customer service to update my address in their database, still to no avail. It's strange that I receive my bills on the right address but any other communication from other departments go to my old Karachi address. This shows that their syste...

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