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HBL Credit Card

lieing about the interest rate!

Dear Friends,

i am not a frequent user of credit cards i have in my life kept my life simple and calm but i had an emmergency when i had to use my HBLcredit card for 8100Rs on 31st march, next day called upon hbl costumer service they told me that your statement will be made on 21st april,...

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Ufone - Blackberry

nobody at ufone's normal helpline knows about blackberry issue. they'll ask you to call 991 for BB queries. when you call at 991, it system says its an invalid number....

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I was a customer of LinkDotNet for 3 months, now it is more then a year that i have stopped using their broadband but i still get a bill from them every month! i have written emails, filed a complain over the phone etc. but the bill just keeps on coming!

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Execessive Pricing

Dunkin Donut is charging the customer so high rate for drinks. if you purchase a local CAN of Pepsi they will charge you Rs. 50 plus tax and if you will purchase a small mineral water bottle of Nestle they will charge you 34 plus tax where is the original price for pepsi can is 30 and the mineral...

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Closure of Sms Delivery Report

Sms Delivery Report has been closed from the start of April without any notification ...

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Broad Band

salam my name is fahad n i m from Karachi, my problem is that my broad band not working since 3 weeks and no one comes to repair it, who is responsible for this please help me

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high bills

I live in islamabad. i have the heating radiators that people use in winter. Since I came from Canada, the winter in Islamabad is not chilly for me and only for a week or 2 at the end of December do I turn the heaters on for a few hrs during the day. Otherwise it stays shut. The bills they have b...

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City District Govt Karachi

New Tax

Why CDGK implemented new tax for fly overs, n maintenance work. Its not in any other cities. Why Karachi?

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No any Smart pakages like Ufone, company should do work on pakges it has no late nite pakages like u and djuice they both have their smart pakages at night like
Ufone Rs. 2.99/hr
Djuice Rs. 4.** something

Lets Do some thind Warid:
WE KARES ....Huh not seems like that Read Comments


BROADBAND is like a dead snail

its more than 3 month we switched from link dot net to ptcl braodband , and it was the wrost decision of our net life. more than 30 complaints , still it got disconnected ater every 10 minutes, and their engineer saying that please we cant find you take any other service.

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poor signal /service

im suffering with bad signals on my zong connection for quite a while. i live in SARGODHA (PAF) .i complaint many times on helpline , it was charged for one rupee but any corrective action is still awaited. this is very bad on a very renowend company ' s part. management should take serious act...

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Encroachment, Encroachment, Encroachment from Askari Park to Liaquatabad Dakhana, lots of Garbage on that beautifully constructed road.

Charpais of Hotels and Garbage from house owners on road. No lights on Bridge near nishtar basti.

CDGK is required to tighten the traffic situatio...

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No Signals

i have been a loyal user of warid since it first came. they increased rates n i accepted but now the service is so poor. there are never any signals in my area and the call gets disconnected after every few seconds. i didnt expect this from warid and i m really disappointed in their current statu...

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I think Bolta Consumer shou;dnt be only for complaints...if any ne has to register gd experiences...they should be shared tooo.

in the lieu of this,,, I would like to share my experience of a PSO Prepaid Card... it is a pre-loaded and pre-activated card which is available at PSO Stations.....

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No traffic signal

Would anyone believe that there is no TRAFFIC SIGNAL at the Liaquatabad No. 10 crossing! HELP...

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Sha Posh Clothing

Bad Customer service

the workers at sha posh a re extremely rude stare at ladies from head to toe, laugh at you after whispering in each others ears, not ready to provide services.... and very bad lingual manners... i stopped shopping from any sha posh franchise... they are pathetic.

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Need for traffic signals

Letter No. 29

April 17, 2009


The traffic signal is the basis need due to high volume of traffic specially in evening and night when the majority of traffic flow passes through BRITTO ROAD,...

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inappropriate advertisement

A normal middle class family can no longer watch the advertisements run on TV now, some of which are quite vulgar or suggestive. While PEMRA is quick to ban foreign channels and impose restrictions from govt, it should take notice of the quality of ads being shown on TV also. There should be some...

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NAFA Funds

Not paying salary

April 13, 2009


Sub complain for not paying my 9 days March – 09 salary by NAFA FUND (DHA BRANCH) as I worked INVESTMENT CONSULANT due to punishment

Dear Sir

Due to NOT match and developed understanding...

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An unknown no=03137705112 is teasing by sending mesgs day and night,
I dont known who/where is this person.PLZ.WARNS that person,check data
of last 4 days,otherwise, BLOCKED his sim. THANKS


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